Feed the 1000 hunger every month
Please join us and help us to success this project every month. There are many 1000s homeless people sleep on the street every night without food. Let us make a change at least for a night

The capital city of Bangladesh is one of the largest in the world in terms of population.
Most of the people of Dhaka city live in the lower middle class.

Distribution of food to needy people in Dhaka city (Area-Shahbagh)

Many do not even have a place to live and spend the night on the sidewalks.
There are many people who go to sleep hungry without being able to eat dinner.

Distribution of food to needy people in Dhaka city (Area-Tejgoan)


Also, every day many lower middle class people are traveling to Dhaka city in search of livelihood. Many of whom spend the night hungry.
Global Muslim Charitable Foundation distributes food to these needy people.

The Prophet (SM) said, “The best deed in Islam is to feed a hungry person”. So one who gives food to the hungry will be regarded as the best doer. Gaining the favor of Almighty Allah: A person who gives food to the hungry will be blessed with the favor of Almighty Allah.

Volunteer team prepared food for 1000 needy people

The Messenger of Allah (SM) said, “Whoever helps his brother, Allah will help him.” Whoever relieves the suffering of a Muslim, Allah will relieve him of one of the great dangers of the Day of Resurrection. By giving food to the hungry people are favored, by doing this we can gain the favor of Almighty Allah in this world. Again, by giving food to the hungry, his suffering is eased, in this Allah Almighty will ease our sufferings in Qiyaam.


A large number of the people of Bangladesh will spend tonight hungry, not knowing where their next meal may come from. Despite significant progress by efforts to reduce poverty in the area, the price of food is almost unaffordable to most, who do not earn enough due to rampant unemployment to provide for their families.

There are almost 40 million people suffering people in Bangladesh, one quarter of the people of this densely populated country,

who remain food insecure, lacking reliable access to enough food to get by, not knowing where their next meal may come from. 

These starving people suffer each day and night in this food crisis, with over 5 million children suffering severe complications such as stunted growth and malnutrition induced by this lack of basic nourishment.

you can help relieve the people of Bangladesh from their daily struggle against hunger. We will take your small change and make a huge difference to these people’s lives, who without our help would go hungry another night.

By donating $ 45, you can give someone the security of a meal for every single day of a month, giving them the strength they need to get back on their feet.

With your donations, we can continue to provide food parcels to desperate people, such as the villagers of Savar & Mirpur, in the Dakar district.

Your support will go a long way to providing for the countless orphaned children and poor, who cannot provide meals for themselves, enabling them to thrive and prosper without the worry of constant hunger.


Feed The Hunger Every Other Month
Please join us to the project of feed the 1000 hungrier people on the street of Dhaka every other month

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