Build a house for a poor family in Bangladesh

More than 200 million of  Bangladesh’s population (roughly around 35%) live below the poverty line, which also entails that they do not have sufficient housing and are either sleeping rough or sleeping in shelters which could barely be called a home.

Your help can such people find a place which they can call their home; a place in which they can make memories and feel safe – a place that they are not ashamed to live in. By donating, you can improve the conditions of families across rural districts of Bangladesh.



Your donation towards the Global Muslim Charitable Organization House Build/Repair  project has the following results: familial bonds and ties of kinship are strengthened; families can take pride in where they live; they no longer have to worry about electricity and water problems in their areas; by installing doors and windows, security is provided to all inhabitants of a home; families are shielded from the cold and the heat during harsh climate conditions and with working stoves in the kitchen, everyone can enjoy a hot, delicious meal together which had previously been seen as a luxury.